Bring out the experimental in you with Adobe Capture CC

Combine a motorbike, exploding vases and martial arts and what do you get? Art, of course.

Showing that creativity can spring from the darkest of corners, our session in the Adobe Creative Cloud Asset Lab showed how simple it is to create your own assets when using Adobe Capture CC.

Watch as a drifting motorbike, a vigorous sound system and a gravity defying martial artist provide compositing artist Mario Sanchez Nevado with everything he needs to produce an incredible art work of his own. By using our mobile app, Adobe Capture CC, he was able to capture movement and colour from the stunt which he instantly converted into his own brushes, vector shapes, images and colour palettes to store on his phone.

Mario then used these unique assets from the stunt to create this amazing compositing artwork, which he has shared on his Behance page. Check out the colour palette and brush strokes and spot the similarities between the stunt lab session and the final result.

With Adobe Capture CC, the possibilities for original and inventive artwork are endless – wherever you are, let your surroundings inspire you and influence your work. It’s easy to capture and create your own unique assets at the touch of a button. Just use your mobile camera to capture any colour or movement and it’s transformed into an asset for your creative projects – including brushes, shapes, images and colour palettes.

Feeling inspired? Download all the assets from the Lab in our Adobe Creative Cloud Library for free and use them in your own creations:

Or, get started with creating your own assets. Capture inspiration around you with your mobile camera and turn it into an asset you can use in your creative projects. All the features of Adobe Color CC, Shape CC, Brush CC and Hue CC are now available in one great app —Adobe Capture CC.

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