Blast From the Past: Government Technology

Technology – whether for consumers, government, business or defense – is rapidly evolving. What we consider ground-breaking today may be completely obsolete in two years, and products we can’t even dream of using could be the norm in five years. Keeping up with – and even setting – the pace is one of the challenges that face technology companies every day.

The public sector isn’t immune to the constant changes in the technology it uses, however, based on our recent Digital Government Survey, citizens think that the government’s most public-facing technologies are stuck in a rut, an eight-year rut to be exact.

Our survey results showed that most citizens believe that the government’s digital presence is stuck in 2008. For some context, in 2008 64 percent of Americans said they would consider buying a flip phone, and Google surpassed Yahoo for the first time to become the most popular website in the United States.

For more information on the study, check out the infographic below. Do you think your state, local and federal government are stuck in 2008? Let us know what year you think government technology resembles using #AdobeCitizenPoll.

2008 Infographic