Hidden Gems in Acrobat DC: Turn Any Smartphone Camera Image Into a PDF

In the age of digitization, physical documents are disappearing from everyday life. Interestingly, this paperless shift makes some of those physical documents even more precious. You may not miss clumsy group reviews, tracking down a notary, or the eternal hunt for a functioning ballpoint. However, you may miss turning the pages of your passport and cherishing the memories that came with each stamp.

In addition to the physical copies, you know it’s important to digitize your travel documents too. So, before heading off to a week in Costa Rica, you use Acrobat Reader DC mobile app to make a PDF of your passport, itinerary, and other important travel documents. The following steps outline how to do this on iOS devices, to convert your camera images to PDF using an Android device use these steps.

  1. In the Acrobat Reader DC mobile app*, tap Camera to PDF from the Tool Switcher.


  1. Tap Take Photo and snap a picture of your document(s). Tap Use Photo when you’re done.


  1. In the desktop version of Acrobat DC, select Document Cloud from the Storage location on the Home screen, and open the PDF of your camera image.


  1. In the Tools pane, select Combine Files and select Add Open Files from the dropdown**.** Select the PDF of your camera image and click**



  1. Continue adding files, such as your itinerary, hotel and airline confirmations.** Click Combine once you have all your travel documents added.
  2. Save the file to the Document Cloud for access on multiple devices anywhere.


*When used in conjunction with an Acrobat DC subscription. This feature is not available on Windows Phone. For the best experience, make sure Mobile Link is turned on under My Account in the Acrobat Reader DC mobile app.

**Email messages can be included by using the Add Email command.

Take a look at the video tutorial for a visual step-by-step:

Easy as that! Your travel documents are securely stored, both in your backpack and in the cloud with Acrobat DC. You’re all set for your trip – say hi to the monkeys for us!

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