Your Chance to Apply Your Creative Skills in Australia, Kenya or Chile

If you’re a student with a passion for travel and conservation – as well as an interest in photography or videography – then this is for you.

We’re working with Passion Passport to give six students from around the world (yes that includes students from the UK) a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to travel to one of three of the most protected natural environments in the world;

Once there, we’ll set our chosen six the task of capturing and interpreting the sights and sounds of each location, using their skills with a camera and Adobe Creative Cloud – the creative output of which will be showcased via a multimedia installation that recreates your expressions of each protected landscape.

To enter, just tag the work in your Behance portfolio or Instagram feed that best showcases your creativity and perspective on the world, with #MadeThis #PassportToCreativity. Don’t be shy, you can tag as much of your work as you like – we’ll take it all into consideration.

You need to be at least 18 years old and currently enrolled in college or university to be eligible. We’ll be accepting entries until February 29th 2016 and announcing our winners in the Spring.

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