Check out Adobe’s top 5 apps to use when compositing on the go

Ever wondered how artists create remarkable pieces of work by combining different elements into one epic scene? The process of compositing assembles these elements from multiple sources creating a life-like illusion and a fantastical visual effect.

If you’re a budding creative who loves to create on the go, take a look at these speedy tips that will help you composite anywhere and everywhere using Adobe’s mobile apps:

1. Combine your photos on the go with Photoshop Mix

Photoshop’s advance technology is simplified through mobile with Photoshop Mix. Use the app to merge images, remove objects, change backgrounds, and more in under 10 minutes. Check out how to create a fun and easy photo composite in Photoshop Mix in no time at all, that can be finished up in Photoshop here.

2. Create design layouts with Comp CC

Comp CC is an incredibly useful tool to layout all your design ideas on your iPad or iPhone. Create mobile mock-ups quickly combining different vector shapes, images, colours, and text styles and finish them off on your desktop. This is the perfect way to explore different ideas before completing your composite in Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign. Get started here.

3. Capture Your Inspirations and Use Them

Use your device to literally capture your inspirations with Adobe Capture CC The app makes it easy to create colour themes, looks, vector shapes and custom brushes from your camera or photos on your iPhone, iPad or Android devices then doodle away from your studio, your sofa and everywhere in between.

4. Make visually stunning videos virtually anywhere with Adobe Premiere Clip

Adobe Premiere Clip is a great way to grasp the fundamentals of video compositing. Learn a quick and easy way to combine images, texts, backgrounds and video clips to create simple but striking graphic sequences here. Have some fun with your isolated video clips and photos on your mobile by adding soundtracks and titles to create a story.

5. Doodle with Adobe Photoshop Sketch

Do you ever find that design inspiration strikes when you least expect it? With mobile tools like Photoshop Sketch, you can doodle away at your leisure, wherever you may be. You can even draw using reference images, and finish by adding your doodle to a final design – perfect for those spare 10 minutes you may have before school, uni or work. Check it out here.

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