Adobe Enhances Mobile Experience Offering with Location-Based Personalization, Deep Linking and Messaging

Mobile is big, but mobile is hard. Brands rushed to build apps but underestimated everything else that comes after. The question now is not whether you need a mobile presence but how you create one that delivers tangible value. It’s no longer enough to just be present; experience is the real differentiator. As brands continue the digital migration of their businesses online, mobile will be a primary touch point – one that will transform the way they operate and interact with their users.

Consumers are leading the need for change. Recent data from Adobe Digital Index shows that the average app saw new monthly installs increase only 5% (against an over 25% increase in new available apps). At the same time, 25% of consumers abandoned an app after just one session. Consumer expectation is accelerating faster than the ability for brands to address it, an issue that will continue to compound further.

As the opportunity and the challenges progress side-by-side, a solid mobile strategy will be one rooted in content and data. Adobe is the only company that can help brands take the beautiful content created in Adobe Creative Cloud, and use the capabilities of Adobe Marketing Cloud to personalize the content experience across screens, backed with data insights for precise execution. New mobile capabilities in Adobe Marketing Cloud will allow brands to further refine their digital efforts, engaging customers in ways that delight and retain them.

Mobile Experience Enhancements

Mobile Core Services in Adobe Marketing Cloud provides the tools for teams to optimize the way they interact with users. New capabilities around location-based personalization and messaging, as well as a completely new deep linking solution, will deliver better engagement that seamlessly integrates with existing campaigns:

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At Mobile World Congress, we also introduced Adobe Experience Manager Mobile to help brands build and manage intuitive, visually appealing mobile applications.