Mobile Experience is the Differentiator

AEM Mobile Announcement Main

Mobile is big, but it’s hard. A couple years back, brands rushed to build apps but underestimated everything else that comes after The question now is not whether you need a mobile presence but how you create one that delivers tangible value. This goes for any app, whether it’s meant for consumers, or built for employees to be more productive at work.

It’s no longer enough to have a mobile presence; delivering compelling experiences is the real differentiator. As brands continue to move their businesses online, mobile will be a primary touch point – one that will transform the way they operate and interact with their audiences. At the same time, consumer expectation is accelerating faster than the ability for brands to address it; app engagement is down, in the midst of rising development and maintenance costs.

As the opportunity and the challenges for delivering a standout mobile experience increase, a successful mobile strategy needs to be rooted in content and data. At Adobe, we help brands take the beautiful content created in Adobe Creative Cloud or Adobe Document Cloud, and use the capabilities of Adobe Marketing Cloud to personalize the content experience across screens, backed with data insights for precise execution.

At Mobile World Congress, we made a series of announcements that cover the full spectrum; from content creation to content optimization; from apps we use in our daily lives to the apps we use at work. Here’s a snapshot:

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