Adobe at the Heart of Digital Transformation to Enhance Sydney Opera House Experience

This story originally appeared on the APAC Digital Marketing blog.

I am excited to share that the Sydney Opera House and Adobe are announcing a two-year Major Partnership that will help redefine how this symbol of Australian innovation and inspiration engages with audiences and visitors. The partnership underpins the ongoing digital transformation of the Opera House, and Adobe Marketing Cloud will now help one of the world’s busiest performing arts centres to maximise its digital channels.

Our engagement with the Opera House is truly unique in that we share vision and expertise in the intersection between creativity and technology – where magic can happen. Already a long-time customer of Adobe’s creative tools, the integration of Marketing Cloud will now help the Opera House access the full potential of Adobe’s technology to build a seamless and stunning digital visitor experience.

The Digital Transformation of the Opera House

More than 8.2 million people visit the Opera House each year, making it Australia’s number-one tourist destination. For many, their Opera House experience starts on a screen. Some will only visit virtually, others are planning their first step inside, booking a tour or selecting their seat at a performance that could be a contemporary music concert, opera, an inspiring speaker, ballet or theatre. No matter what the motivation or type of visit, this partnership is about helping the Opera House to meet people where they are today – on screens. It will harness the power of Adobe Marketing Cloud to enable the Opera House deliver a more timely, seamless and inspiring experience to its audience across all digital touchpoints.

Customer experience is at the heart of every business and the Adobe platform will allow the Opera House to engage with audiences and visitors on a level that has never before been possible.

Beyond the Digital Transformation

The Opera House partnership is a bold and exciting new venture for Adobe. Beyond the adoption of Adobe’s Marketing Cloud, this partnership will see the Opera House become a meeting place for some of the world’s most creative technological thinkers through flagship events and activations hosted by Adobe beneath its famous sails.

There’s no doubt, the Opera House is an icon of creativity and creativity is in the very DNA of Adobe, so expect to see inspiring interactive activations showcasing amazing work by digital artists created with Adobe Creative Cloud popping up at the House.


I am personally really excited about this partnership as it allows us to engage across all aspects of our brand from creativity to marketing, data to content, to deliver amazing digital experiences for our customers and for those of the Opera House. We are thrilled to be working with them as they undergo their journey of reinvention.

For more information, check out our press release and coverage on our partnership in the Australian Financial Review.