Is Mobile the Key to Unlocking the Millennial Vote?

With the 2016 election cycle in full swing, candidates and strategists are working hard to connect with audiences of all backgrounds, ages and political beliefs.

One particularly elusive group that almost every candidate is looking to harness support from is the millennial generation. Millennials can be identified by those born after 1980 but before 2000, who came into adulthood in the new millennium. According to Pew Research, the millennial generation is America’s most racially diverse, and half of millennials consider themselves political independents – making them all the more attractive to candidates looking to sway undecided voters.

As part of Adobe’s Digital Government Survey, we wanted to learn more about this influential generation and how they view their digital relationship with the government.

Learn more about what the Adobe Digital Government Survey revealed about how millennials want to interact with the government and their political candidates below. If you’re part of the millennial generation, let us know the digital tools you use (or wish you could use) to interact with your government using #AdobeCitizenPoll.

Citizen Poll Millennial Infographic