Adobe’s Participation in the Presidential Conventions

We’ve received some questions about our sponsorship of the U.S. Presidential nominating conventions, so we thought it would be helpful to provide more context. Like many other tech companies, Adobe provides both the Democratic National Convention and the Republican National Convention with access to our products for a short period of time leading up to and during their presidential nominating conventions. We do this to help citizens and government officials understand the ways in which Adobe products and technology can help modernize the efficiency and effectiveness of government services. This is important to all citizens – regardless of political affiliation.

Every four years when we undertake this process, we are careful to provide our products to the two respective organizations that manage the Conventions and not to the national parties, candidates or candidate committees. In addition, we make certain that we are providing our products to both Conventions, not just one, in a nonpartisan manner.

Although there may be different points of view regarding Adobe’s participation in the Convention process, we believe these donations are a good way for Adobe to support the democratic process in the United States in a nonpartisan manner.