Digital Government: Coast to Coast Consensus

Over the past several months, we’ve used the Adobe Digital Government Survey to explore the impact that government online services have on citizens from a national perspective. With responses from more than a thousand people across the country, we gained a real understanding of how the US public sector is adapting to changing technology and whether it is keeping up with citizens’ expectations.

To further develop this picture of US citizens’ attitudes toward digital government, the survey took a deep dive into a few states – California, Florida, Texas, Illinois and New York – to see how the residents of those states aligned with the results of the national poll.

We found that from coast to coast, US citizens are all in favor of greater investment in digital government modernization, and citizens in all of these state feel frustration with the current means they have of interacting with their governments.

See what citizens in these five states think about government technology in the infographic below.

Tell us how you interact with your government online using the hashtag #AdobeCitizenPoll.

Coast to Coast