Help your Customers Connect the Dots with Connected Experiences: Digital Experience Management Track at Adobe Summit

Adobe Summit is coming at a time of an unprecedented customer demand for connected experiences. In 2016 there will be 4 billion connected consumer devices. By 2020 that number is expected to grow to over 13.5 billion. From watches to wall-mounted interactive displays and thermostats to Teslas, people are now more connected than ever.

This is a world where customers can channel-hop more than ever before. People are used to picking up their favorite movie on their Roku right where they left off watching it on an Amazon Instant Video app on their smartphone during their bus ride home. They also expect to have a seamless, connected experience at each touchpoint with any brand they engage with today.

But delivering on this connected experience expectation consumers have is a challenge for most companies. It means being able to create a unified view of a customer or segments regardless of the touchpoint and then seamlessly creating a contextually relevant, personalized experience on that channel. An experience that invites engagement and is continually optimized using data.

Businesses are struggling to deliver on this omni-channel connected vision because their content and customer data is siloed. They have inefficient tools to deliver content on any channel. And they find it hard to measure experiences that span channels. This is true in industries like retail and hospitality, but also in industries like financial services or health care where a cross-channel customer journey often involves a regulated interaction using forms, documents or signatures. Unfortunately, as customers channel-hop more across their journey with your brand, it is increasing critical to deliver on this vision to improve conversions and engagement.

This year at Adobe Summit there is a track devoted to Digital Experience Management where we’ll be talking about many ways to create a robust digital foundation, enhance your content velocity and foster a connected customer experience.

Three sessions in particular are designed to help marketers and other decision-makers create a consistent, world-class connected experience for all channels on all of your customer’s devices. We’ll tackle connecting the online to in-store experience as well as what it takes to deliver connected experiences in regulated industries. Register now for these three sessions about delivering connected experiences:

S808 – Elevate your customers’ brick-and-mortar brand experiences

Everyone wants to be the next Uber in their industry. Market disruption and innovation is the driving force behind Adobe Experience Manager Screens, a new solution for managing and delivering connected online and brick-and-mortar experiences. In this session, learn best practices and tips and tricks on elevating your customer experience with on-site interactive digital screens and how to develop an on-site screen strategy and implement it on Experience Manager Screens.

S817 – Delivering enhanced customer experiences in regulated industries

In today’s mobile, connected world, enterprises must adopt digital strategies or face extinction. Yet regulated industries find digitizing the customer experience particularly challenging. How can you re-imagine complex enrollment processes for mobile users? In this session, explore how you can digitize customer journeys from discovery to signing by integrating compliant forms and documents into existing digital marketing experiences and back-end systems.

S818 – Taking service enrollment digital and mobile

For some organizations, the last mile of the customer journey — enrolling clients in a service — is a lengthy and inefficient process far removed from other optimized digital experiences. Digital, automated and mobile-friendly service enrollment can reach more clients faster, reduce errors and eliminate redundancies. Join us to learn how Chamberlin Edmonds streamlined the enrollment experience using Adobe Experience Manager forms, improved client satisfaction while potentially saving millions in staff productivity and cut application completion time by 50 percent.

This year’s Summit’s Digital Experience Management sessions will help you create the best practices to create a connected customer experience for your brand that is consistent, personalized, relevant and context-based across all channels. We hope you will join us for some insightful discussions for organizations of all sizes, led by Adobe experts, partners and leading brands, to provide you with insight about how to manage your digital experiences today and to make them future-proof for tomorrow. See you there!