Oakland Vibes with United Roots

Oakland, California is a city synonymous with creativity, where many local artists, like music producer Jason “Stunts” Ewing, sharpen their skills through arts nonprofits like United Roots.

United Roots enables youth to engage with the green economy, performing arts, and digital media in ways that educate, empower, inspire, and transform lives.

One of our team members, Project 1324 head engineer and Oakland native Randy Riggins, has been working with United Roots for years. Recently, he tapped Jason “Stunts” Ewing, a United Roots participant since 2009, to produce a collection of instrumentals for Project Vibe, a new mobile app from Adobe Labs. Project Vibe allows you to create dynamic video stories with music, photos and videos on your phone.

Stunts’ music is currently featured in the latest version of Project Vibe. Stunts also has a new album coming out this summer under the name Eultra.

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