Adobe Advertising Cloud Delivers Greater Insights, More Optimization, and Simpler Workflow Updates

Summit 2016 has a lot going on for Adobe Advertising Cloud with further integration within the Adobe Experience Cloud as well as distinct updates to help our customers meet their day to day business objectives. Hopefully, you have read our blog post regarding everything going on with display and cross-device.

In this installment, I am going to cover the updates under three themes: 1) insights, 2) optimization, and 3) workflow.

We will go in order, Insights first. There are two areas to discuss here: Advertising Insights and Actionable Insights:

Advertising Insights
Adobe Advertising Cloud now has the capability to deliver automated analyses, answering key questions related to search-campaign performance and optimization. By leveraging the vast data sets related to a customer’s campaigns, our accomplished team of business analysts have created a systematic approach to deliver in-depth findings pre-formatted to answer these questions.

The major hurdles Adobe is removing for customers and agencies include access to the right data, accurate analysis of the data, and the creation of a customer-ready report. With the press of button, these processes are done in less than a minute when hours of manual analysis would have been required previously.

The benefits include:

Freeform Workspace
It is easier than ever before to build custom workspaces with the recent updates to Freeform Workspaces in Adobe Analytics.

In this intuitive new reporting view, advertisers can quickly build large reports through drag-and-drop functionality.

Many advertisers instinctively turn to Excel for pivot tables, chart visualization, and Vlookup data connections. However, this new system eliminates the need to export and reformat data. Visualizations directly in the web interface are synced to the tables so tightly that the charts immediately render themselves for the selected cells. Pivot tables can be created simply by dragging segments or dimensions onto each other. Vlookup formulas are no longer required to connect scattered data sources because all the advertising and site-engagement data are fully unified according to custom labels and default classifications. The complete, traceable, pivotable, and real-time dataset of Advertising Cloud’s native integration with Adobe Analytics results in the fastest way advertisers have ever had to manually find actionable insights.


Adobe is committed to extending its lead in the search market by continuing to advance our proprietary algorithms. The latest updates deliver performance lift through bid-optimization and budget-algorithm refinements for day-of-week modeling, intraday frequency, and geo-bid modifier recommendations.

The latest algorithmic innovation benefits include:


We are delivering a complete redesign of the Search campaign-management interface to make the look and feel consistent with the rest of the Adobe Experience Cloud.

The key interface redesign benefits for Search include:

The Social-channel interface was updated last year, but we continue to deliver advances there. The big push is around bulk edit functions; customers will find it easy to make bulk campaign edits within the interface. However, if they are more comfortable with Microsoft Excel, it is easy to cut and paste between the interface, Excel, and back to do quick campaign adjustments.

Overall workflow between Search, Display, and Social is consistent with the Adobe Experience Cloud UI; each channel has its unique features to make campaign creation, management, and optimization simple and intuitive, but they will look and feel familiar when switching between channels.

Mobile App Downloads
Adobe Advertising Cloud is now connected with Adobe Mobile Analytics and the Adobe Mobile SDK. Customers can easily create, track and drive downloads for their apps through this connected experience.