Amplifying Email Insights With Predictive Subject Lines

Years ago, the personal computer changed the world. Daily tasks became more automated and more efficient, changing the way we work and conduct business but also the way we live. Data Science is another technology milestone that is enhancing our work and lives. It adapts and evolves, driving hyper-personalized, real moments of connection between businesses and their customers that would have been unimaginable only a few years ago.

The power of Data Science is tremendous; yet, it is critical that we not sacrifice personalized, authentic connections between a brand and its customers. That is why we are focused on helping companies amplify human intelligence to engage with and build connections with customers better than ever before and enable brands to lead with experience. Today, at Adobe Summit, we are unveiling nearly a dozen Data Science capabilities that achieve this, including predictive subject lines from Adobe Campaign.

A survey we conducted found that Americans are practically addicted to email; survey respondents reported using email six hours a day or 30+ hours a week on average. Yet, marketers battle with creating meaningful, relevant engagements with consumers. In fact, according to a recent Economist Intelligence Unit report, 70 percent of consumers note that they are “jaded” by current attempts at “superficial” personalization.

To help address this challenge, our new automated subject-line capability predicts open rates for emails and recommends content for subject lines to improve email performance, automatically suggesting specific words or adjectives. This is achieved by applying Data Science algorithms to data collected from previous subject-line performance in Adobe Campaign. As a result, emails sent are more intelligent and more in-tune with what customers are looking for. So, for example, a clothing retailer that is leveraging predictive subject lines can opt to refer to its new spring-colored ties as “brand new” instead of “new” to increase open rates.

At Adobe Campaign, we are constantly looking for ways to help marketers do their jobs better. Our predictive subject-lines capability enables marketers to offer greater personalization and value to customers and also save time by automating the process of creating subject lines. Predictive email subject lines will be in beta for Adobe Campaign Standard customers in Q3.