The Bright Future of Media Measurement: Its Impact on Cross-Channel Advertising—and the Benefits to Your Bottom Line

With the advent of any new technology, things are bound to change. Content distribution is undergoing a massive upheaval with multiple content channels, multi-screen options, and any number of nontraditional providers. Consumers are increasingly watching digital content on over-the-top devices, and viewers are consuming content on multiple devices other than the TVs in their living rooms. This leaves us with a drastic change in the content monetization dynamic for distribution. With advertisers struggling to understand who is watching — and how they are watching — the current monetization model has been disrupted.

This is troublesome for advertisers and content producers alike. Content producers are left unable to tell which pieces are truly the most effective and with which demographics. There is confusion in the marketplace over what really counts as a “view,” and almost all content producers have trouble tracking individual users who are viewing content on multiple devices. On the flip side, this leaves advertisers unable to properly target and personalize the ad experience. At the end of the day, it means consumers are being forced-fed options for content that are irrelevant — and they are ignoring it.

**New Digital-Content Analytics Partnership
**There must be a new standard in tracking digital-content ratings. At Adobe, we have an existing relationship with Nielsen that was a groundbreaking development when it started two years ago. Since then, we have made great strides to ensure every viewer is counted — using certified digital-census data — with Adobe Certified Metrics. We also have an exciting new relationship with comScore that puts Adobe Analytics, Adobe Primetime, and Adobe Audience Manager at the center of measurement for media companies moving to a multi-platform world. We are an integral part of the team that will craft this new standard in metrics and analytics for digital content.

**The Future of Digital-Content Ratings
**You may wonder what this means for you. The truth is, no matter if you are the one distributing the content, managing advertising via digital, or simply consuming it, this partnership will impact you.

  1. Content Producers: As a content producer, you spend time trying to understand what is and is not working on your digital properties. In fact, given the proliferation of different devices, and the limited ability to follow an individual between them, you likely spend a lot of time attempting to understand this and perhaps banging your head against a wall trying to figure out whether the person who viewed your video five times is actually one person, or three, or five. With Adobe Certified Metrics, understanding what is happening cross-device will no longer be an issue. Content producers are able to understand their users’ cross-device and cross-platform behaviors and demographics — without ever needing to bang their heads against walls.
  2. Advertisers: As an advertiser, you likely have a limited budget that you guard carefully. Increased understanding of who is interacting with which content can help you make better decisions on how to spend those valuable ad dollars. This can, in turn, enhance the bottom line as well as give you better insights to run personal content and advertising. With every new campaign, you will gain greater insight regarding what works, what does not, and what truly captures the attention of your target market. Plus, accurate metrics always look good in meetings
  3. Consumers: Consumers benefit from this partnership as well. If you are going to watch ads — and in one form or another, you are — they should at least be ads that are actually relevant to you. For instance, if you are a woman, it is probably safe to say that you would like to view fewer ads about men’s deodorant. This partnership means consumers will be more engaged, because even when they are viewing an ad, it is much more likely to be relevant to them.

This new partnership between Adobe and comScore ensures that producers, advertisers, and consumers now have never-before-available access to cross-device and cross-platform analytics and their powerful behavioral and demographic intelligence.

We could not be more pleased to be part of the team that is creating a solution regarding how digital-content ratings are managed. This new joint venture will help ease pain points for multiple groups of users.