Need HTML5 Ads? Adobe Animate CC to the Rescue!

In this comprehensive whitepaper, I will walk you through the some of the most relevant and important Adobe Animate features that HTML5 ad creators will need to harness in order to take full advantage of it’s capabilities. I’ll also sprinkle in some random tips, tricks and techniques that will help facilitate an efficient workflow as well as achieve professional quality results that comply with emerging IAB specs and standards.

Now the key to unlocking all of the powerful ad creation capabilities of Adobe Animate mainly lies in understanding how to properly configure and utilize the Publish Settings. Knowing how to best use these settings will allow you to truly get the most out of what Adobe Animate has to offer ad creators. The Publish Settings dialog box for HTML5 Canvas has been revamped in the latest Adobe Animate release and I can tell you that there are a ton of useful goodies packed inside.

Download the whitepaper to get started!

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