Summit Sneaks You Have to See

during the Adobe Summit 2016 event inside the Venetian on Wednesday, March 23, 2016, in Las Vegas. (Photo by Jeff Bottari/AP Images for Adobe)

Ah Sneaks … the wildly popular session at Adobe Summit where our data scientists take center stage and give us all a preview of what they’re cooking up in Adobe’s research labs. Although each Sneak demo is only about four minutes long, it represents work that has been months — or maybe even years — in the making. While we’ve got thousands of engineers at Adobe doing a lot of amazing things, only a select few projects will ever become Sneaks. So you can see why it’s become a fan favorite at Summit and Adobe MAX events.

Some of these experiments make it into products, for example SmartPic that was shown at last year’s Summit Sneaks is now in beta in Adobe Experience Manager 6.2 – but there’s no guarantee. Whether or not these projects become product features, it’s fun to see these tech geniuses get the celebrity status they deserve for working some marketing magic.

Speaking of celebs, this year’s Sneaks was co-hosted by Thomas Middleditch, the star of HBO’s Silicon Valley, and our own Steve Hammond, senior director of strategy and innovation. They introduced seven projects that ranged from a look at the future of the shopping experience, to tech that makes designing and building apps faster than ever, to a system that helps marketers not over spam their customers – and they had some fun along the way.

Unlike our keynotes that we live stream, Sneaks is a session exclusive to those on the ground, but shhhh… we’re making some of it available for those who couldn’t be there with us. Here’s a wrap up of our favorites from our Summit 2016 with video replays:


Fusing the digital and physical world, this sneak showcased a retail store shopping kiosk that scanned the presenter’s body and suggested clothing with just the right fit and style. Thomas got in on the fun in this demo!

**Even though Adobe Experience Design CC (Preview) just launched, our teams are dreaming up ways to make it more useful. This demo connects designers and marketers to create and deliver amazing mobile apps fast across the Creative Cloud and Adobe Marketing Cloud.


There was some big data wizardry on display during this sneak. It helps marketers accurately and consistently understand how every offer is performing across mediums such as email, display and mobile apps. Data algorithms also highlight trends in the data that marketers need to act on.


Admit it… you’ve hit the email unsubscribe button a time or two when you’ve gotten tired of receiving offers from a company – and sometimes you just start trashing or marking them as spam. This demo showcases how data science is helping marketers know when their customers are reaching their limit so they can dial back their emails and keep the relationship going.

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