Announcing Adobe’s Creativity in the Public Sector Survey

Today, Adobe released the results of our Creativity in the Public Sector Survey – a survey of 175 public sector creative professionals, exploring their perceptions of working for government agencies in a creative capacity.

We asked respondents about their workplace environment, private sector competition and mobile investment and more, and found that there is a substantial creativity gap between the public and private sectors. While 94 percent of respondents agree that governments should be as creative as businesses, only 46 percent believe that public sector entities actually are as creative as their private sector counterparts. Additionally, 41 percent of respondents would consider leaving their current public sector job for one that allowed more creativity.

Adobe is striving to help bridge this gap with our creative solutions for government. Adobe’s digital tools can help the 47 percent of respondents who don’t believe that they are living up to their creative potential to reach their creative goals in the public sector.

Click here to learn more about the Adobe Creativity in the Public Sector Survey and Adobe’s efforts to bridge the creativity gap.