Do you have what it takes to become an Adobe Student Rep?

With just two weeks left to apply to join our latest Adobe Student Rep programme, we caught up with current Rep Filipe Costa to chat about what the role entails and why you should think about getting involved…

Adobe: What made you want to become an Adobe Student Rep?

Adobe: What are your responsibilities as a Rep?

Filipe: As a Rep, I make sure that everyone in my class knows they can ask me for help when it comes to using Adobe’s tools and services. It’s a bit like being an IT Technician, and because it’s for something I love doing, it becomes second nature and is really enjoyable. I tend to make sure that students are efficient in their design choices and I share useful tips and tricks with them from my knowledge of Creative Cloud (for example using named layers rather than having files all over the place).

Adobe: Has the Student Rep programme helped you career wise, for example with internships, work experience etc?

Filipe: Being an Adobe Student Rep has helped me to secure a number of freelance work opportunities, including working with McDonalds on a Snoopy design for its Happy Meals. It has really boosted my CV and design credentials, making my portfolio stand out from the crowd – there aren’t many 19 year old students like me that can say they have worked with an enormous worldwide company like McDonalds!

Adobe: Why should students apply to the Student Rep programme this year?

Filipe: The Adobe Student Rep programme is great for anyone who wants to succeed in the creative industry and stand out from the crowd, gaining vital industry experience along the way. The programme allows you to develop as a designer and gives you a taste of the working world as there’s a degree of responsibility which comes with the role. It also opens the door to a range of networking opportunities including Adobe’s regular Creative Jam design contests and other events hosted by Adobe (I have attended all of them). If you want to kick-start your creative career and get into the industry quickly, what better way to achieve that than by getting involved while you’re still studying. There’s nothing to lose, and so much to gain.

About the Adobe Student Rep programme

As an Adobe Student Rep, you’ll be responsible for teaching friends and classmates all there is to know about Adobe Creative Cloud, the role is ideal for anyone with a passion for design who fancies boosting their CV and getting some hands-on marketing and event planning experience along the way.

If you want to apply to become an Adobe Student Rep, apply now by clicking on the Facebook form on this page. Good Luck!