Content Marketing Debunked: What Are the Different Types of Content Marketing?

Leading-edge companies are realizing that traditional marketing, sales, and customer-support practices are losing effectiveness in driving the bottom line. As content marketing has taken over, it has become much more important to engage your customers with relevant, helpful information rather than focus on pitching your product. A study Adobe conducted last fall found:

Marketers everywhere are realizing that, if they don’t consider the whole customer journey and provide engaging content every step of the way — from lead generation through post-purchase customer support — they may be unwittingly gifting their customers to their competition. It pays to remember that your competitors are not a drive clear across town — they are but one click away!

**Questions Every Marketer Asks When Crafting the Customer Journey
**Consistently creating engaging content for targeted buyers at all stages of the buying process — from initial brand awareness to brand evangelism — is content marketing. With an information-saturated Internet, brands must compete for potential customers, devise ways to drive interaction, and battle to keep existing customers. Developing engaging content is the name of the game.

Marketers are looking at the customer journey and asking themselves:

  1. How engaging is my customer journey?
  2. Is my content consistent, relevant, and authentic?
  3. Have I segmented my audience, and do I truly understand my customer’s journey with my brand?
  4. Am I choosing the right content based on the audience segment at each touchpoint of the customer journey?
  5. Am I targeting the audience segment in a way that matters to that segment?

The types of content marketing available are evolving every day; each of them can be used at any stage of the customer journey, but they need to be carefully customized to match the touchpoint, channel, and moment. Relevance and context are everything. It is vital to remember that your content — whatever form it takes — must be useful for your audience as well as engaging and honest. A basic, partial list of content-marketing forms includes:

**Tools for Each Step in the Customer Journey
**Each step in the customer journey is distinct and must be handled differently, including:

Your customer’s journey with your brand and content may be different today from what it was just a few years ago with all the electronics, channels, and touchpoints now available; however, some things will never change. Offer great quality products; treat every person like he or she is not only your first, but also your best consumer; and take advantage of every opportunity you have to communicate with your customers, always providing honest, meaningful information that enriches everyone’s lives.