Equality for All

Last week we were honored as a Best Place to Work for the LGBT community by the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), with a perfect 100% score on the 2016 Corporate Equality Index, during a ceremony in New York. It was a proud moment for us at Adobe and punctuates an issue that is top-of-mind for many U.S. business leaders, including here in Silicon Valley.

At Adobe, we believe no one should be treated unfairly. Every human being deserves respect and equal treatment, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or religious beliefs. When people feel valued, they can be more creative, innovative and successful, and that is critical to every employer.

At the U.S. federal and state level, the protection of equal treatment for all, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, is simultaneously advancing and coming under attack. Recently, some state legislatures have been advancing laws which may allow discrimination of people based on sexual orientation or gender identity. There is currently legislation before Congress designed to address this issue at the federal level. The Equality Act would preempt state laws that undermine fairness and equality for people in the LGBT community. Adobe is proud to be part of HRC’s Business Coalition for Equality which supports the passage and enactment of the Equality Act. We see the Equality Act as the next important milestone in LGBT rights.

As a multinational company which operates in all fifty states and throughout the world, Adobe believes federal law is necessary in this area to protect our customers and employees in the U.S. We are very proud to stand with numerous like-minded businesses supporting the Equality Act.

While we respect everyone’s right to hold his or her own personal views, we will continue to speak out where the interests of our business and employees are affected, and that includes advancing the equal rights of our LGBT employees.

In our own practices, we strive to be a diverse and inclusive workplace, from hiring through the career journey. We believe in equality for all.