Creativity On-the-Go: Why cloud-based creative solutions are imperative to the creative process

Posted by Jerry Silverman, Principal Solutions Consultant

In today’s digital world, highly engaging creative communications have become essential for holding consumers’ attention. Government creative materials are no exception, but agencies have been sluggish to implement necessary digital tools to meet citizens’ expectations.

One area in which government agencies could make an immediate leap forward is cloud-based creative tools. Providing for creativity on-the-go is essential for government workers in our increasingly mobile society, and basing such tools in the cloud allows government creatives the ease and efficiency of working and collaborating from anywhere.

In order to improve, you must know where you stand. In Adobe’s recently published Creativity in the Public Sector Survey, we asked public sector creatives about their priorities and needs to do their jobs most effectively.

Government creatives agree: creativity plays a vital role in their daily work. In fact, 91 percent of public sector employees surveyed agree that creative communications and design are critical in today’s digital world, and 86 percent think creative communications and design are indispensable to successful government workplaces. Public sector employees say that creative communications not only make government more efficient, but also allow them to better serve citizens. While the importance of creativity is clear, public sector employees believe the government does not bring out their full creative potential.

How can government reach this full potential? The answer is mobile. Public sector employees are running around just as much as anyone else in the digital age. Ninety-five percent of public sector employees agree mobile is transforming the face of creativity and design. Using mobile allows employees to collaborate, create content anywhere and capture inspiration in the exact moment it happens. On-the-go creativity is a way to inspire public sector employees, who sometimes find themselves in an environment that can stifle the creative process.

By providing access to the right software and technology, there is no limit to how creative government can be. The first step to breaking down these barriers is taking creativity out of its box.

Let’s get moving! Government creativity is at our fingertips.

Visit here to learn more about the Adobe Creativity in the Public Sector Survey and Adobe’s efforts to bridge the creativity gap.