Seen This Week: Snakebite Ad Reminds us Customer Experiences Shouldn’t be Painful

Adobe’s latest ad “Snakebite: Do you know what your marketing is doing?,” debuted online this week. The spot shows the value of delivering a good customer experience – and the disastrous consequences when you don’t. Created by Goodby Silverstein & Partners, the ad features two guys hiking together, when one of them is suddenly bit by a snake. They try to use their phones for help from a medical website, but it goes downhill from there.

“This new spot reminds us that we can’t just look at data in a silo,” Alex Amado, Adobe’s vice president in Experience Marketing. “Everything we do as marketers culminates in an experience for our customers. Even if some of the numbers look good, the overall experience may still be poor. We want to help marketers think in terms of experience, not just performance.”

The spot will be running on various business, media and marketing news sites, and in targeted placements on Hulu and addressable TV.

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