Hidden Gems in Acrobat DC: Splitting Apart PDF Files

There’s nothing better than a well-organized document. PDF files with hundreds of pages can be cumbersome to navigate, but bookmarks turn a potential nightmare into a dream. Like a virtual table of contents, bookmarks can help you and your coworkers identify portions of a document that need your attention. Sometimes, though, less is more. You may only want to share a specific portion of a document with someone, rather than asking them to wade through an information overload. Luckily, Acrobat DC allows you to use bookmarks to break apart large PDF files.

Any top-level bookmark can be used to create individual PDF files from a larger one. Check out how:

  1. Open the Bookmark navigation pane. Use Ctrl or Cmd + B to create a bookmarks on each page you want to break apart.

  1. Type the word “split” in the Tools Search window and select Organize Pages.

  1. Select Split from the toolbar. Choose Top level bookmarks from the dropdown and then run the Split command.


  1. A confirmation dialog appears when the process is complete.

No more slogging through miles of content just to find one specific section. Awesome.

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