It’s All About the Title: 3 Tips for Naming your Stock Images

Adobe Stock contributors have the opportunity to share their work with the world’s largest creative community. When submitting assets to the Stock library, pay special attention to the naming of your files. A good asset title helps users find your content and provides useful information about your asset, while helping you create some cash. With this in mind, we’ve put together a few tips to help you optimize your asset titles and increase awareness of your content in our Stock library.

Keep it relevant

With regard to the Adobe Stock search engine, your asset titles play as much a role as your keywords for file relevancy. It’s best to keep it short and simple, keeping your title to 5-7 works. You want to be descriptive, but asset titles that are too long can hurt your chances of visibility.

Keep it simple

This may be stating the obvious, but it’s best to keep things simple. Try to think in the mindset of your customer and get an understanding of what keywords your audience might search for. Types of keywords to keep in mind are activity, location, mood, and color.

Keep it PC

The Adobe Stock team filters content and removes assets that can be perceived as inappropriate or offensive. When naming and sharing your assets, it’s important to keep things PC and ensure that your content is respectful.

We hope that following these guidelines for future file submissions will help your work be seen and licensed! For inspiration, check out a few examples of great titles below.