Killer tips for creatives from the world’s most inspiring designers

Recently, we have had the pleasure to meet and interview some of the most inspiring designers worldwide during FITC in Amsterdam, a ground breaking design and tech event on the future of innovation, technology and all the cool stuff in between.

In this blog series we will be highlighting the ‘crème de la crème’ of creatives, starting with Ash Thorp, Aaron James Draplin and GMUNK. We have chatted with them about their definition of creativity, their work and their killer tips for creatives to help them boost their creative flow.

Ash Thorp, Director, Designer, Illustrator,

“I have always known I was somebody that would do creative work. I am living exactly the life that I like. My killer tip for creatives is a difficult one. I think if you are able to discover your own voice, it is probably the best thing you can do for yourself and the community.”

Aaron James Draplin, Founder, Draplin Design Co

“Creativity is a little switch I turn on. It’s in every little bit of me. Have you ever made a logo from your dream? Or something from a dream? I have. I wake up, make notes and I race down to work and hit that. I don’t know where that comes from. That’s creativity.”

GMUNK, Design Director,

“I am never afraid of losing my creativity. Because when you’re in complete control of something like that, you can do the things that get you excited.”

To these designers, creativity is a way of communicating, releasing our own voice, a feeling or even a switch they turn on and off. Have you ever made a logo after a night of intense dreaming like Aaron James Draplin? We are always searching for that unique approach to our ideas to differentiate ourselves from other creatives and their ideas.

Luckily, this spring we have created a program for all you creatives out there called Idea to Done. We will entertain you with more creative geniuses such as the above. Think master classes, video’s, events and so much more. Find out the details here .

Don’t miss out, be inspired and boost your flow!