Adobe Clouds Join Forces to Accelerate Digital Transformation

A lot can happen in a year! In April 2015 we introduced Adobe Document Cloud, a modern way to work with documents at home, in the office and across devices. Since then, we’ve worked to re-define the way the world signs documents, advanced Acrobat DC, and partnered with companies like Dropbox and Workday. Today, we have more than 66 million users of Adobe Sign, which represents more than 40 percent growth in the last 12 months. Global companies like MasterCard, KLM, Ricoh, Telefonica, TimeWarner Cable and more have all standardized on Adobe Sign, resulting in major improvements to customer experience.

Document Cloud has built upon the 20+year legacy of Acrobat, and enhanced the entire experience of signing digital documents for millions of individual and enterprise customers.

More is needed. Businesses and governments around the world continue to struggle when it comes to digital transformation and delivering the great experiences across devices that customers expect. The only way for organizations to thrive is to create personalized and compelling customer experiences from the very first interaction – eliminating dated, paper-based processes that slowly get customers from point A to point B.

In fact, a recent study by IDC found 72 percent of businesses reported that improving document processes would increase customer satisfaction, yet 80 percent of those document processes still rely on paper. That’s why today we’re excited to announce a number of new innovations that help organizations transform to better serve customers; and help everyone be more productive.

Introducing Adobe Sign

Adobe Sign (formerly Document Cloud eSign services) is the fast, easy, secure way to bring trusted e-signatures to every organization and department. Today we are announcing the integration of the Adobe Marketing Cloud with Adobe Sign.** **So from the time a potential customer first experiences your brand on their mobile device, to the time they become a customer, Adobe is helping companies create 100% digital “customer journeys.” We’ve all had to fill out applications or forms online – print them, sign them with a pen, scan them back into a computer and email or upload them electronically – only to be kept in the dark on what happens after they are sent. It’s a waste of time and resources that has gone on for far too long. Now banks, healthcare providers, and even governments can enable people to easily find the form they need online, fill it out on any device, electronically sign it, and know that it has been submitted.

And building on widespread adoption of e-signatures in Europe, we’ve also rolled out new data centers to meet the most stringent legal requirements in the EU. Check out the details from my colleague Dan Puterbaugh.

Integrations with Box, Microsoft

It’s now easier than ever to access and work on PDF files from wherever you are through new integrations with Box and Microsoft OneDrive. Whether users start from Box or Acrobat, with just a few clicks they will be able to view and edit PDFs without any downloading, and ensure that the latest version is automatically synced and secured in Box. Additionally, users can open Box files directly in Adobe Sign to provide an electronic signature on important contracts and paperwork, centralizing all updates in Box and streamlining the approval process. Users can also view and work on PDF files stored in OneDrive, while ensuring documents always remain synced. In addition, iOS users can access PDFs in Box and OneDrive from the Acrobat Reader mobile app via the universal document picker, enabling them to work with PDF files anywhere.

New in Acrobat DC

We’ve modernized the commenting and annotation tools, and you can now use the highlighter pen to highlight content on scanned documents without having to run optical character recognition (OCR) to recognize the text. Acrobat DC also has a new dark gray theme option, similar to Creative Cloud products like Photoshop and InDesign, for a more unified Adobe experience.

We’ve updated the Scan to PDF workflow to make it more simple and intuitive. Now you can quickly and accurately select scanning options with a new dialog box to make sure you scan your paper files correctly on the first try.

Our ongoing commitment to accessibility drove us to add critical menu and dialog updates to enhance the experience for users with visual impairments who rely on Acrobat DC to work with PDFs. The Home view and Save As options can now be read aloud by screen readers for greater accessibility.

And finally we’ve streamlined deployment by allowing Adobe team and enterprise customers to deploy and update Acrobat DC with Creative Cloud apps using the Adobe Creative Cloud packager.

If you subscribe to Acrobat DC, or use Document Cloud for your business, we hope these new innovations help you get work done smarter and faster.

These updates will begin rolling out in May. Stay tuned for more innovation, we’ve got a lot to come.

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