Fueling the Connected Experience: Adobe Sign and Adobe Experience Manager Forms Integration

We’re in the age of the Experience Business, and today, people have come expect to have a seamless, connected experience at each touchpoint with any brand or organization they engage with. The digital economy has significantly raised the bar and as a result, it’s become a necessity that digital be part of the design of every brand and product experience.

The need to deliver on this connected experience expectation spans across industries, including government, financial services and healthcare, each of which often require a regulated interaction using forms, documents or signature. And consumers expect to interact with the government, banks and physicians in a streamlined and mobile-optimized way, consistent with the experiences they encounter across the rest of their digital interactions.

Experiences Fail to Meet Customer Expectations
Unfortunately experience isn’t always aligned with consumer expectations, despite the impact it can have on conversions and engagement. We all know how frustrating and time-consuming it can be dealing with the DMV, Child Support Services offices, or the County Clerk to obtain a birth certificate for example – the forms you need to submit and sign in-person, the wait time and more.

The solution is more than offering a mobile website. It’s about turning complex, form-based processes into simple, mobile-optimized digital experiences with functionality that’s seamless from start to finish.
But doing this is hard. Challenges organizations face include:

Unveiling Adobe Experience Manager Form’s Integration with Adobe Sign
Today we’re addressing these challenges and enhancing the connected experience with Adobe Experience Manager Form’s integration with Adobe Sign. This integration enables organizations to:

Optimizing the digital experience for consumers results in a better quality of service for customers, patients and citizens. Additionally, organizations benefit from reduced costs as more constituents complete transactions online and lessen the burden on in-office staff, and create more efficiency and security by replacing paper-based processes with digital systems. We’re excited about this new integration and what it means for consumers and organizations alike.