There’s a Better Way: Making the Leap to 100% Digital Document Workflows

There’s a recurring theme when I meet with customers and discuss their document processes: they tell me “there has to be a better way.” They’re struggling with more files, more paper, more data, more devices and more digital disruption. For many of our customers, one of their biggest issues to solve is delivering and facilitating transactions. Doesn’t sound difficult, does it? We do it every day. But the issue is, all too often, that proposals, forms and contracts are digital and optimized, but then someone decides that analog is better than digital at the final approval or signature stage. So they generate piles of paper and expect people to put down their tablets and phones – and instead pick up a pen.

Here at Adobe, we know there’s a better way, which gets to the heart of what Adobe Document Cloud is doing to help speed business and transform paper-based transactions into 100 percent digital workflows. Today Adobe unveiled the first integration between Adobe Sign (part of Adobe Document Cloud) and Adobe Marketing Cloud. This new integration is about eliminating the cost and frustration of paper-based processes for enrollment, onboarding and servicing across the customer journey, from completing forms to signing agreements. We’re also making it easier to work on PDF files from anywhere through integrations with Box and Microsoft OneDrive. It’s about end-to-end digital transformation of critical document processes and making those processes 100% digital.

As I talk to customers who are making the leap to digital, there are a few industries, in particular, who are grappling with complex issues that make it more critical than ever that Adobe deliver a better way for them to do business.

Financial Services

One of these is the financial services industry. With the high volume of prospects and customers that financial services institution engage with every day, it is critical that they increase transaction speed through automation, improve customer experiences, boost efficiency and reduce costs. They also must meet the highest standards for security and compliance. So they’re looking for ways to quickly and more securely capture electronic signatures from customers for account openings, loans, internal approvals, and more. E-signatures simplify and streamline customer-facing processes to accelerate signature cycle times while reducing costs and improving process efficiency.

The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) wants to cure the notorious paperwork headache associated with banking. Building on their adoption of Marketing Cloud, they are deploying Adobe Document Cloud with Adobe Sign to help their customers have a paperless and painless experience.


Healthcare organizations are challenged to stay ahead of rising patient expectations, regulations, competition, and pressure on margins – all while working to improve the patient experience, increase efficiency and automate workflow. Part of this transformation is removing the obstacles and delays associated with manual and paper-based processes.

AmerisourceBergen is one of world’s leading pharmaceutical sourcing and distribution companies. Customer care reps work directly with hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies to not only take orders, but to also process returns. They put all returns through extensive, internal quality control checks because it’s important to know whether returned medications were handled and stored properly. Because the returns process could not proceed without a signature, delays were common, and faxed agreements would often get shuffled around the hospital, clinic, or pharmacy before landing on the right desk. Call center reps were spending a lot of time drafting and managing return agreements.

AmerisourceBergen decided to automate their workflows by integrating Adobe Sign with their Salesforce solution so they can quickly execute and manage return forms directly through Salesforce. Forms are sent directly to a customer contact’s email, and they simply click on a link to review and sign the file from any device.


For a government agency, going paperless isn’t just a nice idea; it’s a requirement for delivering improved citizen service in a cost effective manner. While most agencies have been going green for several years, business processes that require signatures remain stubbornly paper-based. Fortunately, Adobe Sign is helping federal, state, and local agencies fast track their paperless efforts, making it possible for them to get the signatures and approvals they need and comply with mandates.

The State of Hawaii recognized the value of moving to a more efficient “paperless” environment and the Office of the Governor adopted Adobe Sign to put an end to what was historically a very paper heavy process of signing government documents.

These customers agree: there’s a better way to get business done faster, deliver a better experience, and compete more effectively. And today’s announcement strengthens the value of the Document Cloud to transform the way we facilitate and deliver transactions, with 100% digital workflows.