New Signature Solution Accelerates Digital Transformation

Last year Adobe introduced Adobe Document Cloud, a modern way to work with documents at home, in the office and across devices. Since then, we’ve worked to re-define the way the world signs documents, advanced Acrobat DC, and partnered with companies like Dropbox and Workday. Today, we have more than 66 million users of Adobe Sign, which represents more than 40 percent growth in the last 12 months.

Document Cloud has built upon the 20+year legacy of Acrobat, and enhanced the entire experience of signing digital documents for millions of individual and enterprise customers.

More is needed. Businesses and governments around the world continue to struggle when it comes to digital transformation and delivering the great experiences across devices that customers expect. The only way for organizations to thrive is to create personalized and compelling customer experiences from the very first interaction – eliminating dated, paper-based processes that slowly get customers from point A to point B.

In fact, a recent study by IDC found 72 percent of businesses reported that improving document processes would increase customer satisfaction, yet 80 percent of those document processes still rely on paper. That’s why we’re excited to announce a number of new innovations that help organizations transform to better serve customers; and help everyone be more productive.

Government Agencies Moving from Paper to Paperless

For a government agency, going paperless isn’t just a nice idea; it’s a requirement for delivering improved citizen service in a cost effective manner. While most agencies have been going green for several years, business processes that require signatures remain stubbornly paper-based. Fortunately, Adobe Sign is helping federal, state, and local agencies fast track their paperless efforts, making it possible for them to get the signatures and approvals they need and comply with mandates. Additionally, Acrobat Reader, which appears on most desktops, is integrated with Adobe Sign and Adobe Experience Manager, enabling signature workflows inside and outside the firewall with CAC/PIV smart cards or without.

The State of Hawaii recognized the value of moving to a more efficient “paperless” environment and the Office of the Governor adopted Adobe Sign to put an end to what was historically a very paper heavy process of signing government documents.

These customers agree: there’s a better way to get business done faster, deliver a better experience, and compete more effectively. And today’s announcement strengthens the value of the Document Cloud to transform the way we facilitate and deliver transactions, with 100% digital workflows.

A New Look at Adobe Sign

Adobe Sign (formerly Document Cloud eSign services) is the fast, easy, secure way to bring trusted e-signatures to every organization and department. Yesterday we announced greater integration of Adobe Experience Manager with Adobe Sign. We’ve all had to fill out applications or forms online – print them, sign them with a pen, scan them back into a computer and email or upload them electronically – only to be kept in the dark on what happens after they are sent. It’s a waste of time and resources that has gone on for far too long. Now businesses, governments and other organizations can enable people to easily find the form they need online, fill it out on any device, electronically sign it, and know that it has been submitted.

And building on widespread adoption of e-signatures in Europe, we’ve also rolled out new data centers to meet the most stringent legal requirements in the EU.

To learn more about yesterday’s announcement, read the Adobe Document Cloud blog and check out the Document Cloud website.