Join us May 6: Creative Jam Online is coming soon!

At Adobe we don’t just make the tools for you to get creative – we pile on the inspiration too. That’s why we’ve expanded our hugely popular Creative Jam series (for the uninitiated, here on Behance is some we made earlier) to incorporate all of Europe with a brand new schedule to boot.

Handpicked from some of Behance’s most creative European profiles, we’ve enlisted 7 teams from across Europe to pit their wits against each other: Made by Radio, FOREAL, Violaine & Jeremy, Patswerk, Oh Yeah Studio!, HappyCentro, Tatabi Studio. The venue? Bilbao – home of the world-famous Guggenheim Museum and the perfect location for our contestants to lose their heads in the (Creative) cloud.

The Creative Jam session will start on May 6 at 12 pm CET and you can follow it live on Twitch here. Then, pushing their abilities to the limit, our teams will put their finished projects to the public vote on Behance– with the most popular team awarded an all-expenses paid trip to the famous OFFF Festival!

So, what are you waiting for? Join in the conversation around the first ever European Jam with #CreativeJam and register for the live-stream now!

Get to know our 7 featured design duos and see what they had to say in anticipation of the big day

Made by Radio:

What’s your favourite Adobe application to work with?

“We use Ai a lot, it’s probably our favourite to work with :). But PS is so powerful, it’s hard to have a favourite between those two :).”


What’s your favourite Adobe application to work with?

“Our favorite Adobe application is by far Photoshop. Its deeply integrated in our daily workflow and we love its power and efficiency.”

Violaine & Jeremy:

Who do you think is your strongest competition in the Creative Jam?

“Our biggest competition is ourselves, because working fast is very hard for us. We always need time to create a good job.”


How would you describe your style?

“We care about nicely printed stuff, but can get equally excited about a funky RGB color or a smooth animation.”

Oh Yeah Studio!:

If you could give any advice to young designers starting out on Adobe, what would it be?

Be curious and experiment. But you don’t need to know all the effects to make great work. I mix illustrator and Photoshop. I often illustrate first in illustrator and drag it into Photoshop.”


If you could give any advice to young designers starting out on Adobe, what would it be?

“No advice but sharing what we face daily: our formula for beauty is mixing complexity, order and fatigue. We like contamination between creative disciplines and diversity in general. We don’t like doing same thing twice, and prefer going further than what we’re already able to do. It is tiring but satisfying.”

Tatabi Studio:

If you could give any advice to young designers starting out on Adobe, what would it be?

“What we love about the Adobe Creative Cloud is that there is always more to discover. You always meet another colleague who can show you something you didn’t know or a new way to use the tools differently, being able to constantly innovate in your creative workflow. Our best tip: Always ask the community and other colleagues and share your work and knowledge. This way you will always extract the most out of this powerful software and constantly grow your skills.”

**See you all on Twitch on May 6!**