Creating & Sharing: Meet the 2016-2017 Adobe Creative Residents

I can hardly believe it’s been a year since we launched the Adobe Creative Residency program, and I’m thrilled to announce the people and ideas we are investing in this year. The goal of the Residency is to give talented, emerging creative professionals the opportunity to spend a full year working on their dream projects without having to worry about competing priorities and deadlines. In return, the residents share their experiences and processes with the community so others can benefit from their learnings and get a window into their worlds.

The 2015 Creative Residents truly demonstrated what can be achieved when you set ambitious creative goals for yourself and have the freedom to do your best work. Designer and tinkerer Kelli Anderson taught us about the magical qualities of paper through her elaborately engineered inventions, while illustrator and author Becky Simpson delighted us with her playful illustrations which evolved into her online store, Chipper Things.

Building upon the success of the first year, we are expanding the program to four residents this year. From video and virtual reality to digital animation and hand lettering, the work our new residents will embark upon spans a wide range of mediums, using a diverse palette of tools.

Meet The 2016-2017 Adobe Creative Residents

Filmmaker and online personality Sara Dietschy, of Nashville, Tennessee, creates video content for her self-titled YouTube channel which has over 100,000 subscribers. Sara’s passion for the creative community inspired her to create travel vlogs, tutorials, and several ongoing video series including “Creative Spaces TV” and “That Creative Life” both of which aim to explain the “where” and “how” behind creative life.

If she craves a certain type of show, she doesn’t wait for it to happen—she creates it herself and shares it with her online community. This year, Sara will focus on taking her video series to the next level by amplifying her work across social media channels, refining her online persona, and pursuing new mediums for sharing her work. From editing in Audition and polishing in Premiere to creating graphical elements for her videos in Photoshop, Sara uses a range of tools to get the job done. She’s looking forward to sharing “this crazy-awesome journey with her internet family” via YouTube, Snapchat, and more.

Graphic designer and hand letterer Christine Herrin, of San Francisco, California, is obsessed with stories, paper, and print. Travel and her passion for documenting her experiences have always been a central theme in her work as a designer, especially in the line of products she’s been creating for the past few years. Through her monthly Instagram challenges, she entices community participation around how to use images, words, and illustration to explore new places and chronicle life’s most interesting moments.

During the Creative Residency, Christine will expand upon her product line by creating a design-rich travel journal meant to inspire people to document their lives in creative, meaningful ways –as she leads the way. She’ll be using art supplies, digital SLR and iPhone cameras, and Creative Cloud tools to turn her analog hand lettering into digital and printed products. dubbed an “illustr-animator,” Syd Weiler of Sarasota, Florida, finds inspiration in everyday life and the seemingly mundane. She works completely digitally, preferring her tablet over a blank sheet of paper. For her graduate thesis, “Before & After,” Syd created a series of digital illustrations depicting places in two different states of being side by side in order to explore the concept of time. While Syd learned most of what she knows in college and through her experience as a designer for forthcoming indie video game Jenny LeClue, she has been able to steadily grow a passionate online following through posting work, such as her popular GIFs on Twitter.

During the Creative Residency, Syd will expand upon her thesis, also creating a high-quality, zine-like book and animated gallery to turn her project into various offline experiences. She plans to share her technique and processes, including why she prefers to work digitally, with the Adobe community by streaming her work as she creates it. a background in multimedia and 3D design, Craig Winslow of Portland, Oregon, spent the past few years building his own studio and creating interactive work for clients. When he moved from Portland, Maine to Portland, Oregon, he turned his cross-country trip into an art project called Projecting West which he crowdfunded through Kickstarter. During the trip, he developed a fascination with ghost signs and ideated a way to bring the signs back to life.

Craig is now photographing ghost signs across the U.S., creating and animating vector versions of them using Illustrator and After Effects, and projecting these “Light Capsules” back onto the original signs to share what the original designs looked like with the public. The goal of the project is to draw attention to the unacknowledged lettering artists of the past and create various ways for people to interact with these small pieces of history, whether in person or online. Craig will share his processes and work during his cross-country journey while the creative community tags along for the ride.

Our vision is to empower people to create – to enable anyone with an idea to bring it to life. As each Creative Resident brings their passion project to life, we invite you to share in their process and progress. The 2016 Creative Residents will soon be starting their journey and contributing their ideas and perspective to the creative community. We hope their work this year inspires you as much as their stories have inspired us. Sara, Christine, Syd, Craig – we hope you enjoy the Creative Residency experience and I can’t wait to see what you create!

Learn more about this year’s residents on the Creative Residency program page.