When CMOs Need ‘A Bulldozer’

Reaching consensus is in the successful chief marketing officer’s job description. But, sometimes, when the execution plan is at risk, tough stance is unavoidable.Leadership

When CMOs Need ‘A Bulldozer’

CMOs have to make things happen for customers. One way of doing that is by building consensus with colleagues. But, sometimes, CMO’s life is about ensuring a decision, which has been taken, gets executed.

Not long ago I wrote about how CMOs can lead change. Success ingredients for change are powerful market data, an energising customer story, inspiring others, problem-solving across the company, and so forth.

But CMO’s life isn’t always about consensus. There comes a point when the decision on a critical project has been made (perhaps, with varying degrees of enthusiasm). That decision needs to be executed now—without excuses. Leadership means sticking to decisions unless there’s a very good reason to change or stop.

Big customer projects throw up all sorts of unforeseen issues, especially people-related ones. These can serve as an excuse to kill the project. Don’t let this happen. When it’s really important, “rent a bulldozer” to get things done.

For really important initiatives, get the support of people who can cut through the red tape. More often than not, those people will be very senior leaders who can bulldoze through obstacles that stand in your way:

Successful CMOs are great consensus-builders. But at times, “renting a bulldozer” comes in handy.