Taking Programmatic Advertising to the Next Level with Adobe Advertising Cloud

Consumers are engaging with brands across multiple devices and digital channels and they’re expecting a personalized, consistent and compelling experience whenever and wherever they’re accessing content. Advertisers have access to deeper data insights about their audience than ever before to deliver relevant content at scale in real-time. The disruption of our computing and business landscape is forcing companies to rethink everything – including the ways they engage customers and prospects through digital advertising. Advertisers need technology that enables them to harness their data to deliver integrated and customized experiences that consumers have come to expect to drive an “Experience Business.”

Today at Adobe Summit EMEA in London, we’re continuing to transform programmatic ad buying and heighten consumer advertising experiences by announcing new capabilities and a deeper connection between Adobe Advertising Cloud and Adobe Analytics, as well as Adobe Experience Cloud audiences.

Adobe Experience Cloud Audiences Inform Dynamic Ad Experiences

Advertisers can use audience segments built in Adobe Analytics, Adobe Audience Manager or Adobe Advertising Cloud to enable a unique creative ad layout or frame of reference. This allows advertisers to alter an ad’s experience for each audience while maintaining automated granular creative decisioning based on customer intent. Adobe Advertising Cloud Creative automatically assembles creative elements (product, price, image, promotional copy, colors) based on the user and audience.

For example, a traveler may visit a hotel website, and search for a hotel and travel destination. Later as they surf the web, the traveler would see an ad that contains the hotel that they viewed, city, discount price offer and promotional copy – thanks to Advertising Cloud Creative.

Adobe takes this consumer experience further by personalizing at an even deeper level. Experience Cloud audience segments built using CRM, site visitor, partner and third-party data can inform more personalized ad experiences. For example, airline or hotel loyalty program status could trigger specials or a rewards-related ad layout. Third-party data may inform luxury hotel content (based on income range), family vacation specials (households with children) or business travel promotion (business attribute data). Also, a marketer could create a segment of high value users (i.e. business travelers) in Adobe Campaign for e-mail/cross-channel marketing and then deliver an engaging ad experience to that audience using AMO DCO.

Through integration with Adobe Experience Cloud, Advertising Cloud allows advertisers to deliver unparalleled digital ad experiences, with relevant and personalized content, for their customers and prospects. Advertising Cloud’s integration with Adobe Experience Cloud offers companies greater cookie coverage and reach into high value audiences due to its cross-channel engagement with consumers.

Complete View of Advertising Activities in Adobe Analytics

We also announced a new integration with Adobe Analytics for display advertising. Advertisers are already enjoying the benefits of the bi-directional integration for search and the ability to reach Analytics audience segments in display. Now the integration is being expanded to be bi-directional for display, giving advertisers insights into display campaign activity (impressions, clicks, cost, conversions) for view and click-based converters from Advertising Cloud display campaigns in Analytics. With these enhancements, we’re providing reporting insights at the ad strategy level — even for Advertising Cloud Creative and video campaigns. Adobe Analytics’ engagement metrics for view/click-based converters are available in Advertising Cloud for optimization and campaign reporting.

Advertising Cloud display campaign activity for view and click based converters in Analytics reporting

Advertising Cloud display and search campaign activity in Analytics reporting

Cross Channel Attribution and Path to Conversion Insights

Do you wonder what the impact is of your dynamic creative or video campaigns in relation to your search or Facebook campaigns – or which channel(s) are generating the most revenue? Well, Advertising Cloud helps answers those questions.

Advertising Cloud uses a common conversion tracking pixel across all channels to give advertisers an accurate view into attribution, as well as insights into the path to conversion – for display (DCO, video, banner ads), search, and social (Facebook, Instagram) channels.

Adobe Transforms Programmatic Advertising

As businesses reconsider their approach to engaging customers in the rapidly changing digital environment, and consumers expect more compelling, personal experiences, we’re continuing to innovate our programmatic ad buying platform (Adobe Advertising Cloud) with industry-leading dynamic creative optimization capabilities and integrations with Adobe Experience Cloud. By connecting Experience Cloud audiences to programmatic advertising, Adobe Advertising Cloud is redefining digital marketing and advertising to drive consistent, compelling and customized experiences across digital touch points. Check out our announcement for all the details and follow the conversation at @AdobeAdCloud and @AdobeSummit.