Join Us for the Future of Work Think Tank

What does the future of work hold? How will changes in the workplace and technology affect how, where, and when we work? That is the topic we will be tackling in Think Tank by Adobe on May 25th, at 1pm PT.

Join moderator Jeremiah Owyang and a group of thought leaders for the livestreamed Think Tank where we will discuss and debate hot topics around the future of work from technology, people and workplace perspectives.

Technology will continue to have a huge impact on jobs, skillsets, and professions. New collaboration tools, mobile capabilities, artificial intelligence, and virtual and augmented reality will change the way we get things done. People will work in new ways and possibly completely new environments. We’ll examine how all of this will impact both individuals and organizations and the opportunities and challenges they will face as a result.

We also want you to be a part of the conversation. Follow @AdobeDocCloud and #AdobeTT on Twitter and share your thoughts on the future of work. We might even share your comments or questions during the livestream.

As the dynamic of work continues to change, we need to be prepared and stay ahead of the game. So, mark your calendars and get a reminder by signing up here: This is one discussion you don’t want to miss!