3 New Ways to Impress Candidates with Workday and Adobe Sign

We’re always investing in new ways to help Adobe Document Cloud customers deliver great experiences to their own customers, candidates and employees. Standout experiences are how you can break through the noise and make an impact today, and will only become more important going forward.

A key way we work toward that is with partners who lead in the markets we serve. We’ve partnered with Workday since 2014, for example, and in 2015 began delivering solutions that help HR teams provide outstanding experiences to employees. More recently, Workday rolled out updates to Workday Recruiting that extend the integration of Adobe Sign to processes involving external candidates, too. With the latest release, you can now digitize the recruiting process completely, by incorporating Adobe e-signatures in these new ways:

  1. Interviews: Every candidate has to sign an NDA document before being interviewed. Gone are the days when you would send a paper document, and expect the candidate to print, sign and bring the document with them to the interview. Today candidates expect a completely digital process. By using Adobe Sign with Workday, you can send an NDA for signature to candidates from right within Workday and have it electronically signed and stored in Workday.
  2. Background Check: You find the perfect candidate, but now you need to verify their credentials before offering them a position. The candidate may be interviewing for other roles at this time, so you need to act quick! With Adobe Sign and Workday, you can send a background check consent form for e-signature and have it quickly signed by the candidate, anywhere and on any device.
  3. Offer Letters: Yay! Everything checked out, and now it’s time to close the offer. But offer letters can be complex. They can vary based on title, location, visa status of the candidate, and more. You don’t want to be stuck in endless back and forth between you and your candidates. Now, you can send offer letters to candidates digitally and ensure hiring managers and candidates can sign them immediately. And since the process is completely digital, it’s easy to correct for any missing paperwork or benefits. Our own HR team will reduce the steps in processing time by 50 percent using the Workday and Adobe Sign integration. Further, once the offer is completed, you can start the onboarding process quickly and easily in Workday.

You can learn more about the Adobe Sign integration with Workday, and additional ways it can benefit you and impress employees and candidates, by checking out our solution page.