Create with Impact: Introducing Adobe Spark likes to tell stories – it’s something we’ve done since we were kids. These days storytelling is an inherent part of our daily lives on social media, whether it’s sharing family photos or promoting a product, company, or cause.

For a long time, the tools that let us creatively express ourselves and tell our stories were there for the select few who knew how to use them. But times have changed. A high-definition camera is just a swipe away. You can carry an orchestra in your pocket and a digital publishing studio in your bag. We already know how to share with the world—but how do we actually stand out by telling our stories with impact?

Today we’re announcing Adobe Spark – a new way to create powerful visual stories. This free, integrated web and mobile solution lets everyone create stunning visual content they can share across multiple social platforms and that looks great on any device. The new Adobe Spark web app syncs with its companion iOS mobile apps Spark Post, Spark Page, and Spark Video, so you create social posts and graphics, beautiful web stories, and animated videos from wherever you are.

I’ve been using these apps for a while and I’m amazed at just how easy it is to create a social media-ready graphic on-the-go and immediately share it – even though I’m not a designer by training. Adobe Spark is fun and so simple to use – anyone can make compelling social media content that drives engagement. Adobe Spark is just the beginning. We are working to ensure that everyone can leverage Adobe’s 30+ years of technology and innovation for a range of new media creation purposes.

Our goal with Adobe Creative Cloud is to be a one-stop shop for creative expression – and Spark is an important part of the Creative Cloud evolution. We’ve always made the world’s best creative apps – Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Premiere Pro – and we’re continuing to innovate for our creative pros with these tools and new offerings like Adobe XD and Adobe Stock. Today we see a bigger-than-ever explosion in content creation by consumers, digital marketers, and small businesses. This presents a broader market opportunity that solutions like Spark can address. Because sometimes 140 characters isn’t enough – and we all want to communicate with broader success.

I firmly believe that passion will be the mark of the successful creator, not big budgets or networks. And with Adobe Spark, that passion can be realized in a fast, fun, and frictionless way. Check out Adobe Spark at