The OFFF 2016 Festival in 6 Artists

OFFF will be coming to the Design Museum of Barcelona on May 26, 27 and 28. After fifteen editions, the international culture and art festival maintains its energy intact along with the premise of being the showcase for the world’s most avant-garde trends in fashion, advertising, cinema, television and editorial art. Over the course of three days, artists from all over the world will participate in an event in which conferences, workshops, activities and performances for interested people and digital environment enthusiasts are scheduled.

We’ll also be giving designers the chance to have their portfolios reviewed by our panel of experts – register your work here:

This year is loaded with talent. Take a look at our pick of must-see artists:

  1. Danny Sangra is a director, illustrator, photographer and graphic designer. Ever since he began his journey studying graphic design at the Central Saint Martins, he has been relentless. He has exhibited his artwork in London, New York and Tokyo and has directed videos for Mulberry, A$AP Rocky or Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, among others. Becoming increasingly prolific, he is a living example of an artist who always believes that more can be done.


  1. James White, a designer who currently focuses his efforts in the poster artwork industry for alternative cinema, is the man behind the **Signalnoise **His works are related to childhood and the things he loved when he was a child. Until he founded his own studio, he combined his work in agencies with his personal projects, mainly comics and posters. Nowadays, he talks about his work as a visual artist and illustrator at international conferences and design events like OFFF.
  2. The six and five studio is a contemporary art studio that builds its work at the boundary between art and design. Founded by art directors and designers, Andy Reisinger and Ezequiel Pini travel from Buenos Aires to show us their poetic compositions imbued with an innate elegance that gives their work a recognizable and peculiar character.
  3. Daniel Aristizábal is a Colombian artist who fuses surrealism, pop and Cubism, thereby achieving a modern design where color and geometry are the main players. In love with typography, he confesses that his passion for letters began with the project “36 days of type”. Since then, he has been working on his own private alphabet, adorning it with colors, textures and very attractive shapes for all the senses.
  4. Machineast is a creative studio based in Singapore where Rezaliando and Fizah Rahim work on 3D illustration, typography and design. This designer duo makes up a very complete team where, in addition to working in these fields, they develop branding and editorial design projects.
  5. Paula Scher is a graphic design legend which work has been exhibited all over the world. In 1984 she founded Koppel and Scher, and since 1991 she is a partner and director at Pentagram, the largest independent design consulting firm in the world. She has created several brand identities, packagings, editorial designs and sign systems. Her work is made of street typography, and always both accessible and elegant.

And due to the fact that it’s hard to just stick with five, as a bonus, we recommend that you take a look at the work of director Hiro Murai, whom you will know from video clips of Childish Gambino, Flying Lotus, St. Vincent, Cults or Chet Fake and Carl Sprague, designer, art director and illustrator in the movie “The Grand Budapest Hotel”.

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