The 5 Key Elements of Video-Marketing Success: What Brands Do Right

The best branded video clearly engages users, provides value, and presents a direct and compelling call to action. But, not every video is a hit or “goes viral.” So, what separates the successful video-marketing campaigns from those that fall short? Killer branded video, plain and simple. If you want to jumpstart your marketing campaign with some easily implemented insight, here are five commonalities that are employed in the best branded videos — by smart brands that are doing it right!

1. Videos That Are Engaging, Shareworthy, and Searchable Lead the Pack

Video content is consumed more than any other medium. Within a few years, it will dominate the online experience. For brands that are considering integrating video into their marketing mix, it is critical that assets are easy to find, easy to share, and highly engaging. Videos that do not have these characteristics are sure to go unfound and unwatched.

2. Successful Brands Speak to Audiences Through Relevant, Adaptive Video Content.

Unlike traditional content in which interpretation is not paramount to understanding the message, branded video needs to be done carefully, as it can — and often does — go in the wrong direction. Successful brands speak to their audiences through video that not only demonstrates an understanding of customers’ needs, but also adapts when necessary. The key is to know your audience well, while maintaining genuineness and consistency.

3. Branded Video Tells a Compelling Story That Resonates With Audiences.

Speaking to the right audiences is critical. However, for branded video to succeed, it also has to connect with customers through content that resonates. Brands that are authentic and have well-defined values have no trouble telling stories — and their messages resonate with consumers on many levels. A compelling story that is memorable and authentic can inspire action — and what better medium than through branded video?

4. Top Brands Create Effective Videos That Are Short and Concise.

Admit it: how many times have you been scrolling through your social-media accounts, or even searching for specific video content on YouTube, and come across the perfect video — until you push the play button, realize the video is 18 minutes long, and quickly close it to find a (much) shorter video? Even videos recommended by friends tend to go unwatched if they are more than a couple of minutes long. Successful branded video tends to be short and sweet — and for good reason! The attention span of today’s consumer is equal to that of a goldfish. Bite-sized, easy-to-digest branded video does extremely well — even with big businesses.

5. Consumers Invest in Emotive, Relevant, Authentic Videos.

Brands that resonate with their audiences on emotional levels definitely have an edge. Whether the video content is heartfelt, passionate, resolute, informational, or hilarious, consumers invest heavily in their emotions — and branded video that connects well with consumers also performs well.

The Most Successful Branded Videos Share These Key Traits.

While there are many elements of video-marketing success, the most successful branded videos share key traits. In addition to being engaging, easy to find, and shareworthy, branded videos that outshine the competition also speak to the right audiences, tell compelling stories, and resonate with consumers on many levels because they are emotive, authentic, concise, and aligned with brand values.