The Future of Work is Bright

Yesterday I had the pleasure of joining a Think Tank in San Francisco about The Future of Work. It brought together thought leaders from a variety of backgrounds, geographies and organizations, to discuss and debate what the future holds for all of us in the workforce – through the lens of people, technology and workplaces. I’ve outlined my top takeaways from the full day of discussions below. Stay tuned for additional videos, interviews and blogs in the coming weeks!

Optimism & changing the definition of work

New models for the workplace

The workplace of the future is about giving workers a palate of tools, and the spaces to unleash creativity and follow their passion. Whether you work from home, work in an open corporate space, or work in a café, the level of innovation and experimentation on how workspaces can and should evolve was a hot topic. The workplace will become more personalized and evolve into a space where anyone can design a working environment to their liking, whether that’s at home or in a grey space or in an office building.

For example, There’s a love for everything local. As the world flattens, there’s a risk of homogenization of space and a lot of companies are trying to break that mold by going local – bringing in local art, local food, local talent and really building a sense of culture, community and uniqueness within the company walls. And, once that rich community and culture is built, going out and impacting the local neighborhood with service and support is a key desire of the current and future generations who are already starting companies and establishing these mission statements.

Technology will re-shape the future of work

Maybe the future of work is that we won’t have to work at all. We’ll just do what we’re passionate about and get paid for it.

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