5 Experiential Marketing Campaigns That’ll Make You Say ‘Crikey!’

Take a look at some of the most successful experiential campaigns created by APAC marketers during the past 12 months.

5 Experiential Marketing Campaigns That’ll Make You Say ‘Crikey!’

Ploughing through snow and ice to test out the latest Aston Martin. Laughing through an unexpectedly entertaining flight safety video. Finally meeting the producer of your favourite wine to share a glass.

Experiential marketing appeals to the senses and emotions typically neglected by traditional marketing strategies.

Experiential marketing has shifted the spotlight to customer-centric messaging, and brands are successfully harnessing it to deliver the most engaging and compelling customer experiences.

“Customer empowerment has forced marketers to do things differently and to engage in a two-way conversation in the marketing environment,” says Linden Brown, a professor and author of the award-winning book “The Customer Culture Imperative.” “Experiential marketing is centered around building brands that nurture relationships, which was really the way companies needed to go.”

Branded experiences are now being delivered with big data and analytical insights, and customers have had the most amazing reactions.

Following are five of the most successful, entertaining, and engaging experiential campaigns created by APAC marketers during the past 12 months.

Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand has made a tradition of spicing up a somewhat drab feature of airline services. Since 2009, its preflight safety videos have been commandeered by everyone from All Blacks to hairy Hobbits. The videos have generated so much buzz they are now used to highlight Air NZ’s various flights, from surf break destinations featuring surfer Mic Fanning to Betty White inviting an older audience to Florida in the USA.


Male grooming brand LYNX has teamed with Australian band Seekae to promote its “Black” scent, producing a live performance in pitch black that focuses on the other senses besides sight. With the tagline “A band is music, everything else is noise,” the gig was recorded using night vision cameras. At the same time, Co2 cannons hit fans in the face, confetti fell from the sky, and professional dancers floated around them. The undeniably unique experience stimulated huge awareness for both band and brand.


DeLounghi showcased its new “coffee machine” in a way that its customers simply could not ignore: offering free coffee at morning rush hour in Sydney’s central business district. Establishing a pop-up coffee shop, DeLounghi showed consumers how they could order a coffee to any specifics with barista-like quality. With the catchy hashtag #nobaristacafe and hipster outfitting, DeLounghi made nearly 4,000 customised coffees over the four-day campaign, giving coffee lovers a distinct experience.

Aston Martin

Aston Martin is launching its “On Ice” campaign this August on the slopes of Queenstown, New Zealand. The campaign is scheduled to run for seven days. Enthusiasts will test-drive the new DB11 range through ice and snow while receiving driving tips from professionals, thereby living out their James Bond fantasies in a striking natural setting. This campaign is well-placed as the luxury brand has a strong market share and plenty of loyal followers in New Zealand.

Naked Wines

Naked Wines has taken Australia by storm with its unique service that matches wine lovers with wine makers, enabling customers to source wines directly from their producers more cost-effectively. “We like to see ourselves as a dating agency for wine drinkers and wine makers,” says managing director Greg Banbury. As part of its service, Naked Wines provides a platform for a running conversation on wines that work, wines that don’t, general feedback, and invitations to the wineries.