10 Interesting Mobile App Usage Stats

To fol­low up my Mobile Engage­ment track at Adobe Sum­mit EMEA, I would like to offer 10 inter­est­ing or sur­pris­ing stats about mobile appli­ca­tion usage to keep in mind. If you weren’t at Sum­mit, feel free to access the videos and pre­sen­ta­tions of the ses­sions direct­ly on the web­site.

  1. Users spend 90% of their time in apps com­pared to the mobile Web. —Flur­ry, 2015
  2. Users down­load on aver­age 8.8 apps per month, with app installs up 5% year over year (YoY). —BI Intel­li­gence, 2015
  3. In May 2016, the aver­age cost per app instal­la­tion is $2.33 on Android (+93% YoY) and $1.46 on iOS (–3% YoY). —Fik­su, 2015
  4. 25% of installed apps are nev­er used. —Google, 2015
  5. 26% of installed apps are aban­doned after the first use. —Google, 2015
  6. (Only) 51% of com­pa­nies mea­sure user engage­ment and return on invest­ment (ROI). —Adobe and Econ­sul­tan­cy, 2015
  7. Mobile retail expe­ri­ence sat­is­fac­tion is low: 45% of mobile app users dis­like their app expe­ri­ence, where­as 47% dis­like their Web expe­ri­ence. —Mobile Com­merce Dai­ly, 2015
  8. The aver­age Android app los­es 77% of its dai­ly active users (DAUs) with­in the first three days after the install, and 90% with­in the first 30 days. —Quet­tra
  9. Of those who stop using apps, 30% would use an app again if offered a dis­count, and 24% would reuse an app if offered exclu­sive or bonus con­tent. —Google, 2015
  10. 78% of com­pa­nies use paid media to dri­ve app down­loads. —Adobe Mobile Matu­ri­ty Sur­vey, 2015

What about you, do you have any inter­est­ing stat about mobile mar­ket­ing to share? Feel free to do so in the comments.

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