[Adobe & Partner]: Congree – The Faster Way to Consistent, Comprehensible Texts

Authoring assistance is supposed to do what the name promises, namely to assist authors in their daily work. The software should neither disrupt existing workflows nor constrain the author in his work. A distinguishing feature of the Congree products is that they adapt to the technical writer’s mode of operation. They can be integrated in your accustomed editor and unobtrusively assist you in the background. Apart from the possible reuse of existing wording and a comprehensive terminology component, the software features a Language Check that is based on many years of research and innovative technology.

The installation is uncomplicated and enables your technical writers to quickly get started with Congree. In this way, your enterprise can benefit from the following advantages:

Main Components of the Congree Authoring Server

Congree Solution Overview

The Authoring Memory serves as a sentence repository, showing you all text segments that are similar to your text and that were written and approved in the past. You can apply these text segments with a click. New sentences are included in the Authoring Memory after they are checked and approved.

Apart from the spelling and grammar, the rule-based Language Check also checks the style. Predefined rule sets cover most application cases; additional company-specific rules can be supplemented as needed.

All terminology hits detected by the Language Check are displayed in a panel. The connection of third-party components enables access to a wide range of information on these hits. The terminology component delivers definitions and usage information on specialized terms – including preferred terms, admitted terms, and deprecated terms.

Congree for Adobe FrameMaker

Authoring assistance is supposed to do what the name promises, namely to assist authors in their daily work. The software should neither disrupt existing workflows nor constrain the author in his work. Thus, Congree can easily and flexibly be integrated directly in the accustomed work environment. While Congree blends in perfectly with the user interfaces of the editors, the program functions and the basic operating concept remain uniform and consistent for all editors.

Congree and Adobe FrameMaker Integration

Congree for Adobe FrameMaker enables you to work in the structured mode and in the unstructured mode. This means that with Congree you can process a variety of files – from unstructured formats (.fm, .mif, .book) to the structured .fm format to all XML formats (.xml).

The Congree Authoring Server is seamlessly integrated in Adobe FrameMaker in the form of a plugin. Following the installation of Congree, the FrameMaker displays additional elements in the menu and the Congree toolbar:

Congree Integration with Adobe FrameMaker

Adobe FrameMaker enables concurrent editing of multiple documents in tabs. Congree supports this operating mode in that you can concurrently work with Congree in different contexts in several Adobe FrameMaker tabs.

Congree and Adobe FrameMaker Integration – Support for multiple documents

See the solution live in action

On July 7, 2016 Adobe Worldwide TechComm Evangelist Stefan Gentz and Philipp Baur, product manager for Congree, will discuss how to create structured content, share content and writing rules with any amount of authors and ensure that every idea and concept is only written once and reused every single time it is needed. With a clear style and exceptional quality worthy of your product and services. Adobe FrameMaker and Congree are the perfect tools to ensure company-wide content synchronization and the highest level of content quality. Sounds too good to be true? Give us one hour of your time and see how these two outstanding tools intertwine and let us convince you that there is no better way to optimize your content creation process. You won’t regret it.

Adobe & Congree – Webinar July 2016

Click here to register for the Adobe & Congree Webinar on July 7, 2016.

Comprehensible Texts throughout the Enterprise

The Congree Authoring Server is scalable and thus supports the editorial work in small, medium-sized, and large enterprises. Use of the software is not limited to technical documentation. Authors in the entire company benefit from the central availability of linguistic information and can also use Congree in other editors. An unlimited number of user profiles can be created, e.g. with different style rules for technical documentation and marketing.

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Do you have any questions concerning the software or would like to get a live demonstration? Please feel free to contact Alexander Becker by e-mail.