Seen This Week: On Your Mark, Get Set, Code!

It was an exciting week – not only did we welcome a new wave of interns and college grad hires, but we also fired up our Girls Who Code (GWC) immersion program. More than 40 high school girls arrived at our San Jose site eager to explore what it’s like to work in tech.

This summer, we’ll have a total of 100 young women at our San Jose, San Francisco, New York and Seattle locations working alongside our technologists. More than 150 employees, including 100 female mentors, across the country are contributing their time to GWC to make this summer a success. Four employees will be working as full-time teachers this summer, introducing the girls to everything from graphics to animation, mobile app development and more.

“Some are veterans of the program, and some are leading GWC for the first time,” said Janice Peters, the program manager who has orchestrated the immersion program for the past three years. “Some are technical and some are non-technical, but all have a common interest: supporting the next generation of girl coders.”

It’s amazing what these girls can do during one summer. See their projects from last year.

Our participation in GWC is part of the Adobe Foundation’s Youth Coding Initiative, a program to expand access to coding education for underserved youth. It is also a component of our diversity and inclusion commitment.

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