Introducing the Adobe Stock Premium Collection

We recently announced the launch of Adobe Stock’s Premium collection, a highly curated collection of nearly 100,000 hand selected images sourced from some of the world’s leading photographers and agencies.

This collection was developed to serve customers who need authentic and high-quality commercial content with straightforward licensing plans. We launched with ten thematic categories that span across lifestyle, wildlife, food and industrial photography, as well as galleries that showcase the work of individual contributors.

A surfer with his surfboard at the dunes looking to the waves

A surfer with his surfboard at the dunes looking to the waves

Searching for the swell

How is the Premium collection different than the rest of the Adobe Stock?

Each image in the Premium collection has been carefully selected by our team of expert curators to ensure its commercial, technical and artistic quality. We look for images that are visually striking, emotionally impactful, and for those with a strong narrative element.

How is the Adobe Stock Premium collection different from Fotolia’s Infinite Collection?

The Adobe Stock Premium collection is being curated as an independent set of images and customer experience, although some images may appear in both collections as premium content.

Can I contribute to the Premium collection?

At launch, the Premium collection represents a relatively small group of artists and agencies who have been hand-selected for their personal style and the quality of their work. Over time, we’ll be expanding to a broader community of contributors. We’ll be sure to keep you informed!