Adobe Sign: Keep Business Moving Forward This Summer

Vacations, sick leave, jury duty, family obligations. There are many situations where you might want to delegate your e-signature tasks, so that business continues to move forward while you’re away. With the Adobe Sign account sharing* feature, administrators and users can delegate view, send, and manage privileges to another person. Let’s see how:

Adjusting account settings

To enable advanced sharing, administrators first need to adjust the account settings by going to the Account tab, clicking Account Settings > Security Settings, and scrolling down to Account Sharing:

Managing advanced sharing

Then, to set up advanced sharing for individual users, admins can go to Users, select a user, and click User Settings > Sharing Status to adjust permissions.

Administrators can assign the view (

), manage (

), or send (

) permissions to any other user, and even have the power to adjust these privileges for entire groups.

Acting on behalf of another user

Users that have been given view, manage, or send permissions for another account, can easily access it by choosing the Switch Account option:

For more information about advanced sharing, watch this tutorial.

*Activation required. Not available in all plans. Contact your customer success manager for more information.

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