Ode to the Elements

by Selina Kearney

posted on 06-23-2016

The smell of the ocean, the sound of the sea, the feeling of oozing mud over your skin – there’s something deeply satisfying about reconnecting with nature, whether it’s calming your soul or reinvigorating your spirit. Here’s some inspiration to get you started exploring the elements, capturing earth, wind, fire and water.

1. Wind

A gentle breeze, a sudden gust, or a raging storm brings a shift in the atmosphere, reminding us we are not the center of the universe, but part of something big and beautiful. It can clear your head, or blow your mind.

2. Earth

For millennia people have been using mud for healing purposes, as a remedy to ease arthritis or muscle pain and reinvigorate skin. Mud treatments prove highly beneficial to the body, skin and mind. Besides its luxury attributes, mud has become popular as an obstacle to rummage though either by foot, bike or four-wheel drive. Photographing the earth means you can capture interesting textures and patterns.

3. Water

Our origin, our food source, our means of exploration. Today people are drawn to water for fun, relaxation and to essentially to return ‘home’. We enjoy it in its every form; glaciers, frozen lakes, hot lagoons, rivers, oceans, and swimming pools to the vapor rising from raging waterfalls.

4. Fire

When our ancestors harnessed the power of fire our food became safer and more digestible. This in turn meant we could spend more time finding food and creating other tools through the heat of fire, essentially allowing our brains to evolve to do some really creative thinking! Today, we enjoy cooking on an open fire to feel more connected with nature and our environment, or as a means of celebration with bonfires and fireworks to bring people together.

Ever notice how refreshing walking through a city park can be? Escaping traffic, crowds and chaos and wandering though the tranquility of nature can only bring relief. For those of you who live closer to waterfalls, forests, lakes, glaciers or even the sea, lucky you! Yours is the paradises we travel to for brief relaxation, and to reset our energies. We encourage you to go out an explore the world with your camera and get inspired by the nature around you!

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