Adobe Creativity Scholars are on a Mission

by Adobe Corporate Responsibility

posted on 06-24-2016

From ecologists to civil rights advocates, imaginative coders to an editor challenging religious stereotypes, this year’s 25 recipients of Adobe Creativity Scholarships continue the mission of their 75 predecessors – integrating social issues they are passionate about with their creative careers.

Representing 11 countries, the 2016 Scholars are creating media based on personal experiences and expanding its impact by involving others — from their communities and beyond.

In its fourth year, the 2016 Adobe Creativity Scholarship program celebrates two milestones: granting its 100th scholarship and seeing the inaugural group of scholars enter their graduating year. These scholarships provide college and post-secondary education tuition to young people who are pursuing study in a creative field, and using creativity as a force for positive social change. Creativity Scholars practice self-expression as an opportunity to open minds, to innovate, and to inform the world around them.


From Seattle, Washington, Ahlaam Ibraahim’s long-term goal is to own a media station where she will build a platform for those without a voice. Her station will “lead by example on how news should be covered – without ignorance or bias.” Ahlaam will use her voice and creativity to change the world of media. “Whenever I turn on the TV, I see my beliefs being type casted and misunderstood.”

Quintero Valenzuela

Yensen Quintero Valenzuela’s homeland is Bogotá, Colombia, where a civil war has lingered for over 50 years. He plans to use his creativity to produce animated shorts that help those displaced by violence find stability and social equality. “I dream of my videos reaching young people and motivating them to study, learn music, do sports, or whatever will keep them out of the streets so that they can contribute positive things to society.”


While residing in Toronto, Canada, Sonika Verma observes “that there is a lack of women in technology to look up to, or be inspired from.” Sonika would like to use her creativity and success as a female technologist to spark social change. “We live in a world that breathes creativity every day – that grows in technological aspects and surpasses yesterday’s limits– and I think women should be an equal part of that.”

Congratulations to the 2016 Adobe Creativity Scholarship Recipients. Follow their upcoming stories on Project 1324,.

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