Hidden Gems in Acrobat DC: Know the History of Your Signed Documents

by Document Cloud Team

posted on 06-30-2016

We’ve all been tasked with signing on the dotted line, from important documents to the everyday. All told, you’ll sign your name approximately 500,000 times in your lifetime – talk about a hand cramp!

Exactly 16 years ago President Bill Clinton made a move that would save us all time, peace of mind, and a whole lot of ink. By signing the ESIGN Act into law, President Clinton ensured the legality and enforceability of electronic signatures. Today we celebrate National ESIGN Day with a look back at the history of signing a single document. With an Acrobat DC subscription, you can find out how to keep track of when a document was sent, viewed, opened, and signed.

  1. Log in to Adobe Document Cloud using your Adobe ID.

  2. Click Manage Documents.

  1. Under the Manage tab, select a document from the list in the left panel.

  1. Click the History tab in the lower right panel for information about when the document was sent, viewed, opened, and signed.

  1. Click Audit Report in the History tab to get detailed tracking information for each step of a document’s history, including date, exact time, and the IP address where the document was viewed and/or signed.

There you have it! When you’re interested in the history of digital document transactions, check out the ESIGN Act. When you’re looking for the history of your digital document transactions, check out Adobe Sign dashboard that included with your Acrobat DC subscription. Happy National ESIGN Day!

Think you know everything there is to know about Adobe Sign and Acrobat DC? Think again! Learn about more hidden gems by taking a look at the “Learn” section of our blog.

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